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I can’t wait to…

I almost put up another running/training related post I’ve been working on, but after that serious race recap post and training talk I’m beat!  So, I figured I’d put up something random and fun on this happy Monday :).


I’m looking forward to doing a lot of fun things this summer!! Here’s a quick list of what I can’t wait to do over the next month….

Over the next month I can’t wait to…

IMG_88711.See my brother & my favorite redheaded nephew (pictured) next week !!

Next week my older brother and his family are driving up from New Jersey to Boston to visit. I love how my brother Kenny and I are always on the same page. We don’t talk to each other too often, and we don’t really have to. We love each other and all that mushy stuff, but we have jobs, families, lots of running to do and very little free time. Whenever we see each other we pick up right where we left it and it’s perfect!



Fullscreen capture 4272015 112712 AM2. Use my new training log for my next training cycle.

I just invested in the Lauren Fleshman’s training book: Believe Training Journal. More than your average running journal where you write down your miles and thoughts after each run, this training book injects motivational words, goal setting opportunities and training tips from the pros into its pages. I can’t wait to get started!!!





Fullscreen capture 4272015 112926 AM3.  Run a race with my sister next month!

On Sunday, May 17 my older sister and I are running our first race together: The Superhero Half Marathon in Morristown, New Jersey. In spite of some serious knee injuries in the past Kerry has been consistently running for the past 10 years (and 2 pregnancies!!). She’s my running inspiration, confidant during tough mommy moments and best friend; so it’s about time that we race together. Go Team Sistah-Sistah!!



Fullscreen capture 4272015 60340 PM4.  Go on a mini-getaway with the husband. 

It’s pretty rare that I say this, but I need a vacation! I need a few days without doing laundry, without packing lunches for the next day without worrying about having to get everywhere “on time.” I long to relax on the beach with my hubs by my side and a drinky-drink in one hand and a book in the other. Thankfully that time will come soon enough. The hubs and I will head down to the Cape for a long weekend next month to celebrate our anniversary and I CAN’T WAIT! Memorial Day weekend can’t come soon enough πŸ˜‰



5 Give my coach a hug!!Fullscreen capture 4272015 60415 PM 

Because (a) she puts up with my incessant questions when I am training (and even when I’m not), (b) she helped me BQ at Boston and (C) this past weekend she ROCKED her half-ironman in Galveston, Texas!! Congrats lady on an awesome race! Beth ran a 4:21 half iron and came in 6th place for professional women. After swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56 she ran a half marathon in 1:28! Gross :). I’m so incredibly proud of you Beth!! Awesome effort!! Now go eat a donut!



What’s you’re favorite place for a weekend getaway?

 Do you use a training log to track your progress and miles?



May can’t come soon enough! πŸ™‚



3 Responses

  1. Kerry

    Team sistah sistah!!!!

  2. Jen

    I have that training log and love it!

  3. Shaun

    Can’t wait for summer vacation with the fam in sunny Florida, start training with my Ravennas only using the Hanson plan and running a sub 4! After the last training cycle I learned that Newtons are not for me and I’m a proud heel striker and need stability to conquer Columbus in the fall. Looking for some small P.R’s in the 5 miler and 5k this summer

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