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Bring it on BOSTON!!

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It’s the eve of the Boston Marathon and part of me still can’t believe that I’m running 26.2 miles. Honestly, I think I’ve been in a hint of denial that it’s happening- that it’s finally here. I went to the expo with a few friends- and nope didn’t feel quite real. Tonight I went to the pasta dinner and was surrounded by thousands of marathon jackets and still – nope, not really hitting me. Maybe when I get to the starting line it will start to sink in that I’m about to run the Boston Marathon!!!! There will be no turning back, no retreat, no surrender. Then, and only then will it be time to BURN THE BOATS!!



My wave goes off at 10:25 EST and I’ll be running with BIB #10162.

Thank you again for all of your love, kind words and support during this wild ride!!
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  1. Jan Andrews

    Good luck!! Have fun!! You got this!!’

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