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Post marathon cookie time with Miss Jessica and Justine (not pictured)


The deed is done!!

The Boston Marathon has been ran!!!

 Despite the HOT temperatures (65 degrees+) I managed a 6 minute BQ 😉

Did I smile at the finish??? HELLLLLLLLL YES I DID!!


I took it VERY easy today and just ran by feel. If I wanted to slow, I slowed. If I wanted to speed up, I sped up. 🙂 With a finish time of 3:29 this was my personal worst marathon finish but it was also the first time I ran without a solid goal time in mind. I sat back, relaxed and totally enjoyed the day. And the end- you bet I finished with a ginormous smile. It was a good day- a very, very good day. For the first time in a long time I felt strong, in control, at peace and happy- so so happy. And that my friends makes this quite possibly my favorite marathon thus far.

I’ll write a full recap in the coming days, but now its time for lots (and lots) of ice cream and cookies!!

Never stop running,


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  1. Congrats Kass. I know this was a very emotional race for you and I’m so glad you had so much fun. Hopefully you will treat your readers to a more detailed recap in the future!

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