Focused and determined during Plymouth’s Independence Day 5k.


In an orgasmic-like fashion a tidal wave of hormones took control of my entire body in a pleasureful and powerful manner. A tingling sensation swiftly moved across my skin. This bizarre experience was followed in quick succession by a jolt of adrenaline that overtook my body and began to course through my veins. I pressed my lips together in a tight grin, narrowed my eyes and bolted off down the trail faster than before.


This was no orgasm; it was Beastmode.


I had already been running for forty-five minutes when the shockwave erupted through my system. As if a light-switch was flipped on my body experienced immediate physical, emotional and mental reactions. I tucked my chin, tightened up my form and instinctively narrowed my eyes. Everything became clear; I simply had to move my body forward. All I had to do was run!


I may have been out on a simple training run, but during this run my body was ready to race.


My mind was calm, focused and clear, yet part of me was enraged (for no apparent reason) and full of energy. Every part of myself came together in this experience as my mind shut off and my body fired up.

I knew I was still running because I was passing other runners, but I barely had to think about moving my legs or proper breathing. Without knowing it I had uncovered a hidden part of my running-self: a focused runner who could effortlessly glide across the ground on autopilot. Within seconds I had moved from my typical 8:15 pace to a 7:05 min/mi pace with speed to spare.



I was overcome with calm sense of determination during my first half marathon- the Superhero Half- last May!


Something had taken over my body and mind on this run- something I had felt only a handful of times before- it was Beastmode. A surreal and animalistic experience, Beastmode represents a unique side of myself as a runner who is calm, focused, confident and very competitive. My body transforms into a merciless machine that has one goal in mind: run. In those moments life becomes just that simple.

As a mom I often get overwhelmed with all of the to-do’s of my day:  buy groceries, call pediatrician, call insurance company, vacuum house, do laundry, scrub marker off chair, pick up dog poop around the yard, teach Lillian colors/numbers/animals so she can become president, feed Lillian, cook dinner, etc.

When Beastmode shows up life becomes easy; I turn off my worrisome mind and allow my legs go to work. I do what I do best and I run…. and I run hard!


Hoping all of the training comes together for Sunday’s race…

…and that Beastmode makes an appearance!



Providence Half Marathon on Sunday 9.29.13. Gun goes off at 7 am!

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  1. Kathleen

    Awesome! I have the same Run Happy visor in white! About to go out for a run on this amazing Saturday. Just did a nice hilly 25 mi bike ride. Go Beast Mode!

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