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Baked Coconut Shrimp


Baked coconut shrimp served with black rice (found at Trader Joes- SO delicious!) and steamed broccoli.

 Quick. Simple. Healthy. 

I’ll be honest, I am not the mastermind behind this healthy and delicious meal! My husband is at it again in the kitchen (hip hip horray for husbands who can cook!). Unfortunately this recipe is SO easy that I *technically* can make it all by myself from here on out. Self sufficiency is a good thing… I guess. 😉

Most recipes for coconut shrimp use panko or breadcrumbs to help the coconut flakes stick to the shrimp before they are fried (or pan-fried) making for a meal loaded with fat and calories. With a few simple substitutions Owen lightened up this meal and even made it gluten free! This recipe utilizes an egg white and cornstarch mixture (in lieu of panko/breadcrumbs) as the binding agent between the shrimp and the unsweetened coconut flakes. After coating the shrimp you simply bake them!

This meal is so simple that it has earned a place in our regular meal rotations for the summer.

Love, love, love this meal… and the fact that my husband cooks it 🙂 .





1 lb. raw peeled (with tail on) shrimp, butterflied (cut 80%of the way through and flattened)

8 oz. shredded unsweetened coconut

1/3 cup of corn starch

4-6 egg whites (I start with 4 and add more if necessary)

1 plastic Ziploc bag, large enough to hold all the shrimp

Couple of pinches of salt and pepper




Preheat oven to 425°

Combine egg whites in one mixing bowl and beat together. Place the shredded coconut in a separate mixing bowl. Set aside.

Spray a baking Silpat on a baking sheet with olive oil from a sprayer or Pam Olive Oil spray. Set aside.


Little shrimpies all ready to bake!


In a large plastic bag, mix pepper, salt, and about half of the total corn starch. Add all the shrimp to the bag and then add the rest of the corn starch. Shake vigorously until all shrimp are completely coated with corn starch.

Dip shrimp one by one into the egg whites and then the bowl of the shredded coconut, covering them completely.

Lay shrimp on baking sheet, making sure they are not touching (see picture above). Bake shrimp @ 425 degrees for about 10 minutes per side until golden brown.

Serve by itself or with a dipping sauce of your choice along with rice and steamed broccoli.


Owen dips his shrimp in the Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce (left); Lillian uses the honey mustard (middle) and I dip mine in the Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki (right). Yum!




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  1. this looks delicious and easy! Must try!!

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