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Welcome to The Lone Runner. My name is Kassandra. My blog is about running, healthy living, finding balance, food, family and my adventures as a mother.


My life if full of organized chaos…. but at least it’s happy chaos 🙂

I am a runner. I am a mother. I am a daughter. 

I am a runner who lipsyncs on the treadmill, shouts “woohoo” when I reach the top of a hill and laces up even when it is -10 degrees. I simply love running. I’m actually one of those people who excessively talks to the employees in the local running store because I can’t shut up about how much I love running.

While I have been running on and off for over a decade, I ran my first race in January 2013 and have not looked back. Road racing allows me to unapologetically unleash the competitive side of my personality -and let me tell you, what a rush!

I love racing, but don’t get me wrong; I also enjoy the peaceful nature of early morning runs. There is something relaxing about running on the open road at dawn, being slightly blinded by the sun as it emerges over the horizon, and starting the day with time to myself. Oh, and it’s also pretty awesome to move faster than the Boston commuters on the local highway. Running is the time in my day when I feel strong, accomplished, sexy, young, and limitless. Sounds utterly fantastic, right?



Cooling down after a HOT run!


I am the mother of a rambunctious toddler. I was a stay-at-home-mom for two years until I started working a part-time job at a local running store. My daughter, Lillian (3) is your typical toddler who is keeps me on my toes as she enjoys trying to ride our Labrador Retriever around the house, drawing on the walls and terrorizing the cat when I turn my back. She is a handful and I love her with all my heart.

Being a SAHM was the most emotionally challenging and exhausting job I have ever had; the endless hours, minimal adult interaction, and repetitive cycle of caring for the baby, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner was tiresome at times. When the monotony of being home began to wear on me running had the power to pull me out of my rut and energize me for the day ahead. In many ways running saved me and helped me to become a happier, more balanced mother.

These days I am always on-the-go as I try to balance working full time at the local running store, marathon training and family life. It’s not always easy, but man is it fun to try :).

Dog and Toddler

Lillian (2) and Sydney (5), 2012

photo 3 (13)

Lillian, 2015 (3.5 years old!)

I am the daughter of a father who is a passionate runner, competitive road racer and YMCA lifer. He is my inspiration as an athlete and as a parent. No seriously, how did the man have the energy to train for 6 marathons, have three kids and work a full time job? (Supportive wife? Excessive amounts of coffee?) How on earth did he run a 5K in 17:49? And how does he eat so many damn cookies and still run so fast!?

My dad always talked about running as if it had the power to solve all of the problems in one’s life. It may have taken over a decade, but I think I am starting to understand him. I’m not sure he even knows it, but he has taught me that by running you can find peace in a stressful day, challenge yourself, and surprise yourself in your physical and emotional strength. My dad gave me the gift of running, and I thank him every day for it.

**UPDATE: I started this blog in the early summer of 2013. Since then I have written a lot on motherhood, racing, training and everything in-between. Here is a link to my top 5 favorite posts to date – CLICK HERE– Enjoy!! (updated: June 2015).


A special thanks…

*I would also like to thank my friend and freelance editor, Jayne Pillemer for her guidance and support. She edits many of the narrative style posts on The Lone Runner! Thanks Jayne!

14 Responses

  1. Courtney Garthe

    I absolutely loved reading this! Believe it or not your dad has always been one of my secret running inspirations. I actually teared up reading the Sunrise Run post. Keep up the great work, both with the running & the blog!

    • thelonerunner

      Good to hear from you Courtney! Glad you enjoy the blog so far- stay tuned for more posts about my dad! He’s taught me a lot about life through running- I figured it was time to share some stories with others :).

  2. Katie Siano

    Love it. Now I have something to read and enjoy during Baby Joey’s LATE feedings…ha.

  3. The other KF Berry

    The bar recipe looks delicious.

  4. Love this info page! Minus the toddler part, I could have written it myself 😉 My dad got me into running too–its always been a part of my life, from volunteering at running races and triathlons my father was racing when i was 10 to meeting my husband at a triathlon and he becoming a professional triathlete!

    So glad you commented on my blog–I saw youre from the south shore (my husband grew up there!) and Im excited to follow along on your blog now!

    • thelonerunner

      Thanks! I’m pretty sure running dads are the best one out there, right? 🙂 (Triathlon dads count too!)

      A hubs who does triathlons!? Wowza! Serious stuff! I have a friend from my Y who randomly suggests that I try them out- of course he does Ironmans (gulp!)- let’s just say I’m not there yet (especially with the open water part!). I recently ealized how great the running community is at supporting each other towards their goals. I wanted to play a role in that somehow and out came a blog! 🙂 I’m happy to have a reader 🙂 and will definitely be back to your site too! (so post more often ya hear! :)) #happyrunning!

  5. Kathleen

    Thanks for the visit to my blog… It looks like we’ve been at a lot of the same races and will both be doing the SSYMCA Frozen 5K again… We will have to meet up at some point! Looking forward to reading another SS running blog 🙂

  6. tracy

    new to your blog courtesy of CarrotsnCake.

    Wondering – do you run alone?

    And wanted to read more about THAT if you do – I’m a “cat” runner and wanted to get tips about self-motivation.


    • thelonerunner

      Tracy- I do run alone. Every once and a blue moon I run with someone else- but it is incredibly rare and requires about 2-3 weeks of planning haha. I recently wrote a post about how I stay motivated: here. I’d stay the 3 key points are to (1) sign up for a race so you have a goal, (3) get a training plan- i can’t emphasize this enough!! and (3) surround yourself with running- follow running blogs, read running books, make your fb news feed runners world- it just helps to know that others are out there running too!

  7. Colby

    New to your blog as well and now obsessed…(in a non creepy way) I’m also a stay at home mom and have found running to be my outlet and sanity savior. I’ve done many half marathons and hoping to do my first marathon this fall. Looking forward to reading more of your posts! BTW your daughters adorable and your dad sounds amazing.

    • thelonerunner

      Colby- Welcome to my blog!! I’m so happy that you posted because I too am going to train for a half in the fall 2015. The current plan is to take a season off of marathon training (it tends to beat up my body quite a bit) and focus on the half distance! What half are you running?

  8. Tom Giardino

    I had to check out your blog after seeing it this morning on your strava site. Good stuff! When is your next race

    Tom from Cape

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