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2013: The year of ’embracing the chaos’


Motherhood is: learning to roll with the punches.

Life lessons from an investment banker (no, really)

A couple of years ago J, a close friend of mine from California, suddenly quit his financially lucrative albeit stressful and time consuming job as an investment banker. He typically worked from 8 am until 1 or 2 am seven days a week. On the rare occasion we hung out together he was often overtired and in a daze, responding to emails on his Blackberry or had to leave early to go back into the office. That being said J was also able to afford a new Lexus (and then some) with his year-end bonus. Just throwing that out there. After he left his position he took time off to travel the world and contemplate the next step in his career and his life for that matter.

One night O and I took J out to dinner and he said something powerful- something that I would never forget.

J said, “When you spend your entire life and career working towards a specific goal that you believe will make you happy [making a lot of money as an investment banker] and then you finally get there, despondently look around and ask questioningly, ‘Is this it? Is THIS supposed to be ‘happiness?’ … well that is depressing and truly terrifying. I needed to step back from my job, regroup and figure out what is important to me in life and what will actually make me happy- because it’s definitely not just money.


What’s important to me?
Lilly. Owen. Running. Balance.


J’s personal epiphany struck a chord with me. I spent most of undergrad and grad school believing that I would be a full time mental health therapist and a mother. While a huge part of me wants to encourage and motivate people to find happiness, peace with themselves and success in their lives, working with severely suicidal and homicidal children and adults was simply not the right fit at the time. My experiences providing in-home therapy to children and families were life unforgettable, but similar to J I was left physically and emotionally exhausted; I was burnt out.

I needed a break from therapy and the opportunity to put my energy into something that left me feeling confident in myself and my abilities. Then I found running, I started this blog and life has never been the same :-).

Thank you to all of my readers for following along as I try to find the balance between being a mom, wife and avid runner on a daily basis!! 2013 has definitely been a year of ’embracing the chaos’ in each and every day!


Making memories month by month

My goals for 2013 were to live a passionate life, to be as happy as I am on the outside as I am on the inside and most importantly to embrace the chaos that embodies motherhood. 
I can honestly say that I achieved my goals and then some- and running, not a full-time job, helped me get there!

Now I simply need to find a career that excites me and drives me to be a better person (and maybe even a better runner :)), a field that I am passionate about and the opportunity to motivate and inspire others… any job openings out there?



2013 by the numbers

22:50   The official time of my first road race, the YMCA Frozen 5k

41:58   The official time of the Run for Charlotte 10K, the first race I won!

10         The number of races I ran this year (5 5ks, 2 10k, 2 half-marathons, 1 marathon)

1368     Miles ran in 2013

29         Miles ran in January (lowest mileage month)

209       Miles ran in October  (highest mileage month)

2            The number of jobs that I have turned down this year in order to stay home with Lilly…just need to find the right fit!

Other memorable moments from 2013


Family time in Newport, RI, summer 2013


Completing my first beach handstand at Jenny’s bachelorette in Florida in May 2013.

Fullscreen capture 12202013 20312 PM

A handstand has been on the bucket list for a while now… check it off!


PRing my second 13.1 race!! Providence Rock and Roll 13.1 race recap found here


PRing the Providence Rock and Roll 13.1 (1:33:45) with O and Lilly at the finish line!


Lilly’s first time trick or treating with here cousins! Despite their faces in this pic, I swear these kiddos had a blast!



Running my first marathon and BOSTON QUALIFYING!!!! WHAT, WHAAAT!  NYC 26.2 Recap


Oh yea…. remember that time I ran around Norstroms in a bikini?? #nexttimeImgettingaspeedo.  Read about it here


I ran in some beautiful places…



I got the BEST part time job EVER… mostly because I get to talk about running all the time 🙂 Read about it here

Fullscreen capture 8272013 13129 PM


One day last February I went on a tough 10 mile run (my PDR at the time) and I realized how often I underestimate my own abilities. I realized the powerful role running can play in helping people (like myself) become aware of undiscovered strengths. It was on that day that I decided to start this blog! #neverstoprunning


Fullscreen capture 12222013 22557 PM

Cheers to amazing memories and experiences made in 2013…. and here’s to tackling new challenges and adventures in 2014!

Never Stop Running,

The Lone Runner

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  1. Andrea

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog! I’m a busy stay at home mother to three kids and also quit my career to care for them. Running helped me get through the stress of dealing with a child who battled cancer (and won). I enjoy reading all your posts about my passion and hobby. Keep it up. Here’s to a great 2014 filled with new adventures.

    • thelonerunner

      Thanks for the feedback- nice to know someone is reading my ramblings :). This whole motherhood thing challenging and frustrating… and immensely rewarding, isn’t it?? But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel lost most days. … Sincerely glad to hear that your tiny survivor beat the odds- and happy to hear that running helped you through it. Running is powerful, healing and in many ways offers a fresh start to a tough day. Keep up with your running in 2014 and don’t be a stranger! 🙂

  2. Happy New Year, and congrats on an awesome 2013!! I look forward to reading about your adventures this year!

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