How running 75 miles a week left me out of shape.


First day of new job vibes :)


Happy Friday Runners!!

Life has been all sorts of upside down and backwards lately and I haven’t been able to blog much over the past ten months. After Boston 2016 I pulled back from religiously training/following a plan to just run and as a result I didn’t have much to write about. Well, I am one week in to my new job and I’m already feeling better about the direction my life is heading. Life is beginning to settle down and head in a new direction; I’m relieved, excited and ready to truly train (and blog) again. Wahoooo!

This week I started working at a local counseling agency called The Door is Open Counseling Center. I will be seeing clients four days a week and leaving my Fridays free to do other things I love: write and coach! I coach for The Run Formula and provide custom marathon training plans and coaching services to about 15 chickadees all over the country. For the past year I have been crafting training plans for my athletes during my “free time” of which there has been very little. Now I am finally able to devote one day to getting all of these plans crafted, respond to athlete questions and blogs about it!


A couple times a month I write for The Run Formula’s coaching blog. This week I tackled a big topic: the difference between running and training in my article entitled: How running 75 miles a week left me out of shape.  The reality is that I ran A LOT this summer, but did very few organized tempo runs or track workouts and while I can most definitely run a marathon this Fall, it wouldn’t be a pretty one. Do you know what that means??? I’M ALL IN FOR BOSTON!
Check out the full article: HERE.


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**This Fall I plan on blogging more consistently and hope to post weekly on Fridays (at the very least). I have just registered to run my third Boston Marathon in April so you can all follow along with my training from start to finish. **


Things are looking up runners!! Life is getting good again- so let’s smash our bodies to smithereens this winter, train hard and have fun!!

Can’t stop.

Won’t stop.

Never stop running.


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My Garmin 235 goes where I go. Period.



The last day.


When I go to the airport I can’t help but stare at people’s feet. It’s true, I have become absolutely obsessed with running shoes. I now own easily more than 25 pairs of sneakers. Earlier this week I found myself on New Balance’s website looking at a pair of black Zante’s while thinking to myself, “Yea, I could dress this up.” Sad, but true I’m already trying to figure out how to wear sneakers to my new job.
I’ve been working at the local running store in Hingham for the past three years. Today at 4 pm marks the end of an era.  From the sweet bearded painter from Dartmouth who barely speaks English but comes in every 4 months like clockwork to replace his beaten down shoes to the mother of the newborn babe I just fit this morning it’s been an amazing experience to connect with so many runners in the local community.

Running is so much more to me than logging a few miles to stay healthy; it’s who I am. Even more working at the running store has always meant more to me than just selling running shoes. I’m actually a pretty bad salesperson. I eat, live and breathe running so when an avid runner comes in the store I start beaming with excitement to connect with someone who shares the same passion. I’ve always said I was more of a runner than a sales person. Ooops, sorry management. In all honesty I have NEVER suggested that a runner buy something that I wouldn’t buy myself. Unfortunately, you are talking to the person who owns over 20 pairs of shoes. YES, I run in two pairs of shoes. YES, I rotate my shoes. YES, I believe you should change your shoes at a minimum of every 6 months. YES, I wear body glide, a running belt and a Garmin 235. And YES, I actually believe a pair of Feetures socks can change your life ;) .

Running is what I do. Connecting with runners is who I am. It’s truly bittersweet to say goodbye, but I’m ready for this change. I’m ready to put my big girl pants on and move forward in my career as a mental health therapist. It’s now 4 pm on Friday and my time here is up.  Can you guess what my last sale was? A pair of Feetures socks! How fitting!!

So much love to the running community along the South Shore!! I’ve fit you for shoes, entertained your kiddos while you’ve shopped and talked training, racing and running for the past three years!! It’s been a blast- thank you for the memories!!

Cheers to new beginnings!

New job starts Monday morning!! But I’ll be in heels (sad face).

Never stop running,



Just me, at work, blowdrying my hair cause I refused to cut my morning run short.
I SWEAR I only did this once… cough cough.. a week. :)


Here goes nothing.



I’ll admit that I usually take a fair bit of time to think about what I want to say and how I want to say it before writing a post on this blog. Not today. Today I will write. Then again one can argue that I’ve been thinking about what I have wanted to say for the past 11 months. So here goes nothing…
I got divorced this morning.

My marriage, my previous life is officially over. Case closed. Game over. Time to turn the page.

Should I feel different? The same? I don’t know how I should feel, but I sure as hell know how I felt standing in front of the judge when I had to affirm that my marriage has “broken down” and is “irreconcilable.” A twinge of melancholy shuddered through my body and was laced with a subtle sense of relief. It’s over. Sigh. It’s really over.

I have spent 11 months living mostly in the dark. My college friends in the Boston area- haven’t seen them. The women in my mom’s group- I’ve shied away for months. My long lost high school friends with whom I used to be so close- I burned those bridges long ago when I didn’t return phone calls and cancelled trips to visit. Coach Beth- I left her after Boston for the opportunity to just run free. Why? Why live in the dark?

For one, shame. Second, fear. I was ashamed of what people might think or say about me. In fact I didn’t have to think about what someone might say. I actually had a woman who I thought was my friend tell me “I saw your divorce coming. Once you started running that’s all you cared about. Running ruined your marriage.” If that’s what one person said I didn’t want to imagine what others thought. I didn’t want to hear other peoples’ opinions about my life and my decisions. I felt shame for not being able to will my marriage into working. I felt shame for being the one to leave, being the one who “gave up.” I worried that people could see my divorce written all over my face and would judge me for it.

Fear. I spent much time afraid of people seeing how sad, weak and lost I felt. You want to present your best self to the world, right (if you are on FB then I’ll assume you inherently agree ;) ). Well what happens when you don’t feel like you have a best self? What happens when the once completed puzzle that is your life is broken beneath you on the floor in a heaping mess and you are left hastily trying to pick up the pieces. Yea- you can’t really blame me for not wanting to go to a mom’s night out or to the Greatest Bar to watch the Giants’ painful season (But wait? Isn’t every season kinda painful?). I would have just sat there with a fake smile, eyes glazed over as my mind uncontrollably sifted though memories of years past.

The reality is that there is only so much pain that you want to burden someone else with before you become sick of hearing your own story. At some point you have to stop, lick your wounds and give them proper time to heal. That’s exactly what I did. I stopped training, writing and going out with friends. I was on life’s cruise control. Just as my brother suggested I became a turtle, I hid in my shell. Well, mostly. I did surround myself with my athletes. I would like to take a moment to thank them for believing in me and staying with me through this process. Even though I coach them their progress and passion for self-improvement has repeatedly put a bounce in my step throughout the day. I am lucky to have them in my life. <3



This little girl, my whole wide world. <3

Where am I now?

I’m working on a putting together a new puzzle. I don’t quite know what the picture will be when it’s all pieced together, but I won’t stop trying. First I grabbed the four corners. They were easy to find as they represent the four pillars of my being: Lillian, running, coaching/ counseling and my family. These pillars are the foundation for who I am and what I am most passionate about.  Over the past 11 months I have worked hard to create a consistent, safe, happy home for Lillian, pulled back from training and have embraced running, heavily delved into coaching some of the most amazing, passionate athletes to PR’s and new highs and I have leaned on my family more than I knew possible. The four corners of my puzzle are complete.

Over the past month I’ve been pushing around pieces on the table, working on the edges of the puzzle in hopes to begin to see the picture that will ultimately take shape. This week I took several big steps: I gave my two weeks notice at the running store. It’s true. After three years of working in run specialty my time there will come to an end. My coaching business is truly taking off and I want to be able to give more to my athletes. In addition, I have accepted a position at a local counseling center to provide weekly counseling services to individuals. If there is one thing I am passionate about it is about listening to others, hearing their story and helping them reach their goals. On top of the new job I reached out to coach Beth as I’m ready to train again. Over the past two weeks I have covered 150 running miles. It’s true, girl likes to run. But the absence of a structured training plan has left me without any raw speed. Even though girl likes to run, girl likes to run fast even more. :) The hunger is back! BRING IT ON BOSTON 2017!!

Whoa! Word vomit.

You still with me?

Why did I run 150 miles in the past 2 weeks? Oh yea, I’m about 90% sure I’m going to run the Baystate Marathon on October 16th. Why? For fun. What will my pace be- ba-ha! I have no clue. My training paces are slower than the first marathon I ran even though I have covered more miles. Why? Cause I haven’t been doing the work (tempos/speed work). And I’m okay with that. I’m ready to just throw down with what I have in these legs and see what happens.

Because I want to.

Because I can.

Because I’m not afraid.


So yea, I got divorced today. That chapter of my life is over but by the looks of it there are many, many new chapters about to be written.

Here goes nothing…


Never stop running,

The Lone Runner


Part of the excitement is NOT knowing where the road ahead leads..